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New Car Shopping Survey

By , 2/8/2024

We wanted to know about new car shopper habits. So we asked people like you.

We surveyed shoppers like you to better understand how real car buyers are reacting to the current car buying environment.


This data was collected from a survey that consumers were asked to complete after submitting a lead for a new vehicle. 

The Meta Display Ads these consumers initially responded to were predominantly non-branded and aimed at helping a shopper receive pricing and dealership contact. The consumers were directed to a content asset where they received further information before submitting a request for contact. 

The Advertising Campaigns that generated these leads have a strong history of generating consumers who buy any new vehicle—14.53% within 90-days of lead submission, or buy any used vehicle—10.93% within 90-days. 

This is a strong traffic source - 25.46% bought a car in 90-days. 

Overall Consumer Close Rate (percentage of consumers that purchase a vehicle)

New Car Bought Any: 14.53%

New Car Bought Same Make: 7.97%

Used Car Purchase Any Make: 10.93%

About Detroit Trading:

Established in 2004 and headquartered in Metro Detroit, Detroit Trading Company was formed by senior executives from one of the largest automotive lead providers in the nation. 

Detroit Trading Company generates leads and develops technology that powers industry leading online vehicle shopping sites.  The consumer leads that flow through Detroit Trading Company represent 35,000 vehicle purchases and $1 billion in automotive sales each month.

Proprietary and Confidential. © 2024 Detroit Trading Company. Do not copy, share, or distribute this information without express written permission.

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