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2024 Toyota Tacoma Review: A New Era of Mid-Size Pickup Excellence

By , 2/26/2024

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma emerges as a trailblazer in the mid-size pickup truck segment, heralding a new era with its comprehensive overhaul.

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma, a symbol of rugged capability and innovation, enters the mid-size pickup truck market with a bang. This fully revamped iteration not only promises to uphold the legacy of its predecessors but also to elevate the driving experience with modernized features, powerful performance, and unparalleled versatility. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the intricacies of the 2024 Tacoma, exploring its design, performance, technology, and overall value proposition.

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Design and Exterior

The 2024 Tacoma presents a bold and aggressive exterior, a testament to Toyota's commitment to sophistication and functionality. The truck's stance is muscular, featuring pronounced wheel arches and a commanding front grille that immediately signifies its readiness for any adventure. Attention to detail is evident in the LED lighting, which not only enhances visibility but also adds to the vehicle's modern aesthetic. The inclusion of 18-inch wheels with 33-inch all-terrain tires on the TRD Pro and Trailhunter models underscores the Tacoma's off-road prowess, enabling it to tackle the most challenging terrains with ease.

Interior Comfort and Utility

Inside, the Tacoma transcends the traditional boundaries of pickup truck interiors, offering a blend of comfort, style, and practicality. The cabin is spacious, with high-quality materials and an ergonomic layout that prioritizes driver and passenger comfort. The innovative IsoDynamic Performance Seat, a feature exclusive to the TRD Pro variant, exemplifies Toyota's focus on enhancing the off-road driving experience. This seat stabilizes the driver's field of vision, reduces fatigue, and aligns the head and neck with the spine, ensuring an unparalleled level of comfort during rugged expeditions.

Performance and Capabilities

Under the hood, the 2024 Tacoma impresses with two powerful engine options: a turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine and a hybrid i-FORCE Max powertrain. The standard engine delivers 278 horsepower and 317 lb.-ft. of torque, while the hybrid variant ups the ante with 326 horsepower and 465 lb.-ft of torque. This increase in power translates to exhilarating acceleration and superior handling, whether on the highway or off the beaten path. Furthermore, the Tacoma's multipurpose nature is highlighted through its eight distinct grades, including the all-new Trailhunter, designed specifically for overlanding enthusiasts seeking the ultimate in off-road capability.

Technology and Connectivity

In an era where connectivity is paramount, the 2024 Tacoma does not disappoint. The centerpiece is a 14-inch touchscreen display that houses a suite of multimedia features, including Wireless Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto™, and a premium 10-speaker JBL® audio system. The inclusion of a JBL® FLEX portable speaker further enhances the Tacoma's appeal, offering flexibility for entertainment on the go. Safety technologies are also at the forefront, with Toyota equipping the Tacoma with advanced driver assistance systems to protect occupants and pedestrians alike.

Cargo and Towing

The practicality of the Tacoma is evident in its cargo and towing capabilities. The introduction of the XtraCab long bed option is a game-changer for those requiring additional space for gear, equipment, or even furniture. This configuration, available on select grades, optimizes the Tacoma's utility without compromising on performance or aesthetics. Whether for professional use or weekend adventures, the Tacoma stands ready to accommodate a wide range of hauling needs.


The 2024 Toyota Tacoma is more than just a pickup truck; it's a versatile companion ready to tackle the demands of modern drivers. With its robust performance, cutting-edge technology, and thoughtful design, the Tacoma sets a new standard in the mid-size truck segment. Whether it's navigating city streets or exploring uncharted territories, the Tacoma delivers a driving experience that is both exhilarating and reassuring. As it rolls out to showrooms, the 2024 Tacoma is poised to continue Toyota's legacy of quality, durability, and reliability, making it a top contender for anyone in the market for a mid-size pickup truck.

This review barely scratches the surface of what the 2024 Toyota Tacoma has to offer. Its combination of power, precision, and practicality makes it a formidable force in the competitive pickup truck market. As with any vehicle purchase, prospective buyers are encouraged to conduct thorough research, take test drives, and consider how the Tacoma's features align with their personal or professional needs. However, for those seeking a mid-size truck that refuses to compromise, the 2024 Tacoma is undoubtedly a compelling choice.

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